At The End of an Era

Today I asked my teacher, how the end of an era is determined. She didn’t have much of an answer for me, except that, an era is over when a new one begins. but that just conjures another question: How do you determine the beginning of an era? 

Looking back, you can recall the dawn and denouement of a phase, but in the moment everything meshes together. There’s no distinct second that everything changes for the better or worse.

The thing is, I need to know when an era should end. If I’m in control, when do I end it? Is there room for change or improvement, or would that just signal the beginning of a new era? 

If there’s a sign, I’ll take it. No, scratch that. I need it.

When has an era occurred for too long? 

I want to alter the era without ending it. 

I want to linger here, 


Longing for the right termination of



whatever this is. 

At the end of an era do we fall apart, or simply get stronger?

Either help me replenish this era, or help me destroy it. 

(Author & Photography by Angelina Zaphyria)